Pinball Jerseys

This professional-grade hockey-style crossover pinball jersey features a 220gsm breathable fabric for optimal comfort. Double-stitched for enhanced durability, the design includes fabric stripes, embroidered crest and shoulder patches.  The name and number(s) stitched in pro twill in the back of the jersey adds the final touch. Perfect for both seasoned athletes and passionate pinball fans, this jersey seamlessly combines performance and style, embodying the spirit of the game with precision.

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Nudge King JerseyNudge King Jersey
Nudge King Jersey
Sale price From $169.99
Draino JerseyDraino Jersey
Draino Jersey
Sale price From $169.99
Skill Shot Master JerseySkill Shot Master Jersey
Skill Shot Master Jersey
Sale price From $169.99
pinball invasion alien abduction jerseypinball invasion alien abduction jersey patch
Alien Abduction Jersey
Sale price From $169.99
Tilt Pinball JerseyTilt Pinball Jersey
Tilt Pinball Jersey
Sale price From $169.99