Collection: Decals

Elevate your pinball machine's appearance with our ultra-durable, premium vinyl decals. Crafted with precision and featuring a laminate overlay for graphic protection, these UV-resistant decals effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your pinball machine. Easy peel-and-stick application ensures quick integration, making your machine a captivating work of art that stands the test of time.

Why limit yourself to just one set of decals? Embrace the whimsy and grab a few! Not only will you spread more cheer with multiple sets, but you'll also save on shipping costs. It's practically a win-win!

  • Peel & Stick

    No need for scissors, x-acto blades, rules, tape measurers, band aids and swear jars. Just peel and stick.

  • Durable

    All decals are covers with a laminate overlay to insure durability.

  • UV Resistant

    We know you love to pimp out your games with all kinds of LEDS, lights and mods.

  • Washable

    Need to remove some gunk? No problem, clean away.

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