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Pinball Invasion

Bally Williams Warning Decals

Bally Williams Warning Decals

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Complete your pinball restoration with this decal set These stickers are made of premium vinyl with a laminate overlay. Durable and resilient to UV, heat, and cleaning chemicals.

Set includes 30 decals
1 Notice Bar 
1 EOS Switch
1 Tilt Switch
1 8 AMP
1 Apron High Voltage
1 Lockdown Bar High Voltage
1 Back Box High Voltage
1 FBI Decal
1 Notice Stay Arm
2 T4A 250V Fuse
1 F8A 250V Fuse
1 Accepted
1 LENC Smith
1 Attention 220V
1 Inspected by (of your choice)
1 Install X Balls (of your choice)
2 MAX 2A 115V - 1A 230V
2 Tested
2 Attach Ground Strap
1 Door Function Button
1 Convenience Receptacle
1 CE
1 W
1 For Export Only
1 Date of Manufacturing
1 Caution Wires

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