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Star Trek Next Generation Decal Kit

Star Trek Next Generation Decal Kit

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Enhance the look of your Star Trek Next Generation pinball machine with this decal set. These stickers are made of premium vinyl with a laminate overlay. Durable and resilient to UV, heat, and cleaning chemicals.

Set includes 28 decals
8 Yellow Targets Decals
1 Kick Back Metal Guide Decal
1 Left Orbit Metal Guide Decal
2 Spinner decals (EN US / EN WORLD spelling)
2 Drain outline tops Decals
1 Delta Ramp Decal
1 Beta Ramp Decal
2 Rift Time Target Decals
1 Mission Decal
2 Shuttle Beta Ramp Target Decals
6 Cannon decals
1 Borg Ship Attack Decal

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