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Pinball Invasion

Alien Abduction Patch

Alien Abduction Patch

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Pinball Probes

Unleash your extraterrestrial style with our patch featuring aliens on a mission – not just for humans or cows, but primarily for pinballs! This cosmic-themed patch captures the whimsical invasion as aliens descend to claim the true treasures of the Earth: your beloved pinball machines.




1) Iron the fabric to remove any moisture from the area.
2) Set iron to 320F and place the patch directly on a clean fabric surface.
3) Place a heat resistant piece of heat transfer paper / silicone / other fabric on the patch.
4) Press firmly down on the patch and fabric.
5) Inspect after a few seconds to make sure the fabric can withstand the heat
6) Hold between 20-30 seconds, always moving the iron across the patch.
7) Check the edges to makes ure they have adhered properly. If the patch is still not attached to the fabric, repeat step 4 but in 10 second intervals.
8) reverse garment if possible and heat the back of the patch and padding fabric for another 15 seconds.
9) Let cool for 15 minutes

*Product typically ships 6-10 business days after order pending on stock availability.

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