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Pinball Invasion

Draino Patch

Draino Patch

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You need some Draino for that!

Celebrate the skill of thwarting the dreaded drain with our exclusive pinball patch. These iron on patches can be stuck fabric surfaces.  Crafted for those who have mastered the art of defying gravity on the pinball table, this cap encapsulates the essence of preventing the ball from slipping through the flippers and vanishing down the middle.




1) Iron the fabric to remove any moisture from the area.
2) Set iron to 320F and place the patch directly on a clean fabric surface.
3) Place a heat resistant piece of heat transfer paper / silicone / other fabric on the patch.
4) Press firmly down on the patch and fabric.
5) Inspect after a few seconds to make sure the fabric can withstand the heat
6) Hold between 20-30 seconds, always moving the iron across the patch.
7) Check the edges to makes ure they have adhered properly. If the patch is still not attached to the fabric, repeat step 4 but in 10 second intervals.
8) reverse garment if possible and heat the back of the patch and padding fabric for another 15 seconds.
9) Let cool for 15 minutes

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