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Skill Shot Patch

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Skill Shot Patch

Skill Shot Patch


Skill Shot Master

Elevate your pinball game and showcase your dedication to the art of precision with this unique patch. Crafted for true pinball enthusiasts, our hat embodies the essence of the skill shot – where precision is king.




1) Iron the fabric to remove any moisture from the area.
2) Set iron to 320F and place the patch directly on a clean fabric surface.
3) Place a heat resistant piece of heat transfer paper / silicone / other fabric on the patch.
4) Press firmly down on the patch and fabric.
5) Inspect after a few seconds to make sure the fabric can withstand the heat
6) Hold between 20-30 seconds, always moving the iron across the patch.
7) Check the edges to makes ure they have adhered properly. If the patch is still not attached to the fabric, repeat step 4 but in 10 second intervals.
8) reverse garment if possible and heat the back of the patch and padding fabric for another 15 seconds.
9) Let cool for 15 minutes

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